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“I had the wonderful opportunity of receiving a series of colonics from Kimberly Gans over the last twelve months. Not only did Kimberly make my colonic experience comfortable and painless, she included and educated me in every step she took along the way.  As an innate nurturer, Kimberly made sure I understood what she was doing along the way and why.  Based on her professional observations, Kimberly further informed me of what I could do in the future to insure and maintain my optimum colonic health. As we all know, colonics can be a very compromising experience. However, Kimberly’s holistic, medicinal and nurturing approach alleviated my self-consciousness and grounded me solidly in the importance of maintaining a healthy colon. Kimberly’s skill, knowledge, expertise and inspiring bed-side manner has made an enormous difference in my health, thus my life and I eagerly anticipate further visits, with Kimberly, for these exact reasons.”
–Troy Byer, Depth Psychologist, M.A.


  “I have a heart problem called ventricular tachycardia where the heart beat is so rapid it no longer pumps blood also have atrial fibrillation, because of that I take several strong medications, the number one side effect is constipation. About ten years ago I found a herbal laxative called happy tummy, it was the only thing that worked. However if I missed even one day I was plugged up and my feet and ankles swelled to the point I could not get my shoes on. That laxative has a nasty taste and it is hard to swallow, but I thought I would be stuck with it for life. I have had four hydrotherapy sessions, the result is amazing I have not had the laxative for over six weeks and everything is working fine, no swelling in the feet no problems, also I had a lot of pain in my calves and ankles as well as an occasional bout with gout in my feet that is all gone. Also I have a general feeling of well being like everything in my body is working much better. I would certainly recommend this procedure to any one that just wants to feel better and have more energy.”
–Ron Schubert, independent insurance agent, Senior health insurance.


  “My name is Dr. Carol J. Suki PHD, MD, I have in the past had various ‘health-opportunities’, which I attributed to age, stress, poor diet, etc. Well Kimberly, when I met you within the last few years, I am still amazed at the change in my mental, physical, even psychological aspect of my clarity.  As you know my intestinal ailments were, in my mind a part of my every day life.  Then I met you, and your amazing Colonics, as well as knowledge. Pain, cramping, irregularity, even skin texture have changed and have never returned. Thank you Kimberly Gans, my life has forever changed for the better.  See you next appointment!!”
–Dr. Carol J. Suki M.D., Ph.D


“Kimberly is amazing! She is VERY knowledgeable about health and wellness. She is super gentle, patient, and kind. The session started with an infrared sauna, then the new Pulse XL Pro, then the colonic table. I was able to talk with Kimberly about the process the entire time. I left my session feeling refreshed, rejuvinated and healthy!

I’ll be back for more visits to A Healing Within each time I visit Palm Springs!”

— Kilee


“When I first heard about A Healing Within, I was kind of skeptical. However, Kimberly is very patient, and she really does care about her clients. After discussing the process with her, I was convinced, and I decided to give it a try.

The experience was very satisfying for me. I started with the infrared sauna, and it really helped to relax me, and I felt the cleansing experience beginning. Later, Kimberly made my colonic experience very comfortable. There wasn’t a moment that I felt awkward; Kimberly was very friendly and she made the entire experience comfortable for me. 

After doing this, I definitely will do it again. I’m no longer a skeptic, I’m a believer. And just as I would do it again, I definitely recommend those reading this to go to her. It’s a great investment towards your health, and the professionalism demonstrated by Kimberly, plus her genuine concern towards a better, healthy you, will leave you coming back again and again.”

— Christian


“Kimberly is truly concerned about your health and with helping you to improve it, plus she’s compassionate and generous with her time and explanations.  All of this leads to a relaxed and incredibly positive experience that could be very awkward.  

Not only do I feel great and intend to go back, but I wholeheartedly recommend Kimberly and her services to anyone who wants to improve their health and revitalize their life.”



“Kimberly is as good as they get! She is knows what she is talking about and is kind and generous with her time. I have been to many, many practitioners on my path to healing my body and she is one of the best!! Go!”



“Kimberly is a true healer! I highly recommend her services to anybody in need of detoxifying! She has a way about her that makes you feel comfortable and at ease. 
Kimberly is incredibly knowledgable and personable! Whenever I finish with the treatments from her I feel like I did my body a huge favor! I give her 10 stars all the way!!!”



“This was my first colonic. Kimberly made it a very easy and comfortable experience. She has a gentle and caring bedside manner. I will return after the holidays to rid my system of the toxins I am sure to ingest. I suggested to Kimberly to include pictures of the entry and her door as it can be difficult to find. Colonics are an intimate experience and not once did I feel uncomfortable. She provides a rolling real time video of the materials leaving your interior which underscores the need to do this regularly. Kimberly provided a probiotic following the procedure as well which further highlights her level of service.”



“I first went to Kimberly last year after I transferred to Palm Springs for work.  I have been a flight attendant for 30 years, and have always suffered with constipation and a sluggish system.  I went to several different therapist but none helped me like Kimberly did.  She is wonderful, knowledgeable and truly cares about her clients health.  She was a miracle worker for me, and although I’ve since moved back to Georgia, I fly to Palm Springs just to see Kimberly.  I recommend her 100% and love her not only as a wonderful therapist, but a caring, wonderful human being.”



“Kimberly and her procedures definitely saved my life. Her main goal is to make you well.  If you feel uncomfortable, she will answer any questions. Most of your immune system lives in your gut.  Her package deals are awesome also.  Start with 5 in a short period of time.”



“My dermatologist wanted me to go on Accutane for my cystic acne. After reading the serious side effects, I looked for alternatives and found  A Healing Within. After my first visit, I stopped using all the meds. that were prescribed by my former dermatologist. After less than one month of going to see Kimberly, my acne has been greatly reduced and my acne scars are fading. Also, I have more energy and my overall mood has become one of happiness.”



“This weekend I drove from Los Angeles to Palm Desert to have Kimberly Gans, who has now opened up her amazing treatment center.  I have been seeing her for over 20 years, but her colonics have changed my life, and anyone I’ve ever brought to experience life-changing, new health!!!!

I was introduced to an INFRARED sauna, which after 30 minutes, I knew the toxins, and metals being ‘sweat’, out of my body.  Anyone reading this, and I’ve never gone on Yelp before, believe me, her colonics, lymphatic treatment, and not to mention how her knowledge and expertise, is amazing.  If you have never had a colonic, I recommend that if you want life-changing health, go to A Healing Within.  I will be there every weekend.”



“Kim is very knowledgeable and wonderful, she is a sweet soothing soul and makes me feel right at home.  She graciously answered my questions and I am starting to feel much better!  I highly recommend Kim and A Healing Within for all your colonic, hormone, lymphatic and detox needs!”



“I am so thankful to have discovered A Healing Within.  Kimberly is a true gem with a very caring and nurturing soul.  Her high level of understanding and knowledge of health and nutrition enables her to help guide you through your health issues along with the much needed detoxing services she provides in a very warm and comfortable environment.  I look forward to my next detox session.  I highly recommend A Healing Within.”



“Kimberly is one of the best Colon Hydrotherapy practitioners that I have ever met. She is very passionate about your Health and Wellness. Colon therapy is a very ancient method of treatment and valuable procedure for a wide variety of different colon conditions, a wonderful form of healing.  I would have never survived through the debilitating infection that caused Heart and Kidney issues, if it wasn’t for Kimberly and her knowledge of health and wellness. She has incredible value for those who need such a healing change in there life. Love and Energy!!! Kimberly!  thank you for being so wonderful!”



“Kimberly is a rare health practitioner who could not be more passionate about her colonic and healthy body practice. Using a 7-day cleanse program in conjunction with seeing Kimberly daily has allowed me to loose excess body fat, toxins, to feel so much more alert, healthy and have a lot more energy. Treat your body like it belongs to someone you love and book an appointment with Kimberly. Your life will change.”



“I have been to A Healing Within in Palm Desert a few times as well as followed Kimberly from Studio City to her current location. I love the personal care and pampering I receive while I am there.

Kimberly has been in the health care business for a couple of decades and her knowledge show. 

If Kimberly does not know about something that may be going on with my health she is quick to use her resources and finds information on how other people are finding help through a more holistic approach.

While I was visiting Palm Desert for a week this Spring I went through another series of Far Infra Red Saunas and Colonics. 

I have had a number of colonics from other practitioners which were excellent but,
I have to say that Kimberly is excellent as well as knowledgeable at her craft.  
I have found that the results I receive with the colonic irrigation machine Kimberly uses as well as her technique surpass the results I have had from other colon hydro therapists.

Kimberley has added a lymphatic machine that she applied during the colonics in this latest series of visits. I felt that the addition of this machine helped pull out toxins during the colonic that I normally only see during a long cleans.

I highly recommend trying, A Healing Within in Palm Desert and hope that you feel as grateful as I do with the care I received.”