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    Pulse XL Pro

    Pulse Centers is fully dedicated to the research and development of pulsed electromagnetic field devices and magnetic field delivery systems. A Healing Within utilizes the Pulse XL Pro by Pulse Centers to help facilitate healing and rejuvenation.



    Some of the common uses for the Pulse XL Pro include:

    Helps relax muscles in the chest

    Helps with discomfort associated with changes in the menstrual cycles

    Supports healthy joint and cartilage function

    Helps alleviate occasional nervous irritability

    Helps maintain cholesterol levels already in the normal range

    Helps support cartilage and joint function OR Helps alleviate minor aches and pains associated with daily life

    Helps support healthy bone structure


    Check out some of the informational videos below to learn more about the healing benefits of pulsed electromagnetic devices.

    To learn even more about this revolutionary healing modality, please download this informational pdf: pulse-centers-pemf-research-behind-the-results-3.

    A Healing Within offers various packages for the Pulse XL Pro.

    The Cellular Exercise Regeneration Program Benefits:

    • 20 hours of Cellular Exercise @ $70.00 per hour ($1400)
    • 10 hours of Cellular Exercise @ $90.00 per hour ($900)

    We have a membership also for the Cellular Exercise Regeneration Program. Monthly members receive 20% off all supplements.

    Please contact Kimberly at A Healing Within (760-776-9900) for more information and to sign up to try the Pulse XL Pro.