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Lymphstar Pro Fusion ®

Lymphstar Pro Fusion

LET stands for Lymphatic Enhancement Technology.  

The Technology:

The LET Instrument uses safe, low energy fields: an electrostatic energy field, dynamic wave pulses of low frequencies, light and electro-pressure. 

In combination, LET creates resonances with the lymphatic vessels and in the interstitial spaces.  This mild stimulation of the autonomic nerves

increases lymphatic flow and thus improves the release of trapped proteins, toxins and excess fluid.

“The Lymphstar Pro allows the lymph system to be opened up to drain the toxins, excess ions, etc. better, faster.  It emits a low level energy with optimal frequencies for the body

combined with stimulation of the autonomic nerves without doing any harm to the tissues.  Clients are immediately relaxed and their tissues begin releasing the toxins thereby

clearing their bodies of these harmful chemicals.”  – Thomas E. Croley, PH.D

LET improves lymphatic flow for maximizing drainage of toxins and excess fluid.  

Improved lymphatic flow can help with these issues:

  • Pain & Inflammation
  • After Surgery and Injuries
  • Edema, Lymphedema
  • Integrative Oncology Support
  • Breast Conditions & Women’s Health
  • Allergy & Sinuses Symptoms
  • After Esthetics Procedures, Skin Aging, scars
  • Digestive Issues
  • Stress States
  • Supports All Detoxification Therapies, Manipulation Techniques Nutritional & Naturopathic Approaches to the Management of Illness and Pain

Clients Love LET

“Let reduces tissue congestion&normalizes autonomic nervous system function more effectively and consistently than any other modality I have used in my 40 

years of practice,” –Warren Ross MD, Crossroads Medical, Maryland

LET can assist with scar tissue as it helps the area cleanse and the body forms an optimal collagen bond, without excess tissue.  

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