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Lymphstar Pro Fusion ®

TheLymphstar Pro® instrument has been fused with the ability to use 6 more modalities in the same compact system; added upgradeability for future innovations; technological  improvements; and the most comprehensive lymphatic therapy & beauty system available today! This system is called the Lymphstar Pro Fusion® and the various modalities (available heads) are called the Fusion P.H.I.T.® modalities.

Lymphstar Pro Fusion® – Technological Improvements

  • More intense plasma energy field
  • Ultra-Blue noble gas formula with finest grade of noble gases
  • An all new feature, a pulse-rate frequency sweep dial that allows you to set frequency variability at specific numbers (0-10); or set infinite variables between 0-10 on a dial; or to manually regulate a sweep through the frequency spectrum, at your chosen pace. This greatly enhances the frequency range for breaking through resistant conditions, overcoming accommodation effects, and experimenting with a wider range of subtle energy effects. You can sweep the range you choose at the pace you choose and give the client a profound treatment. Exclusive to our product!