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Hormone Testing

Know the truth about your hormone level!

Our comprehensive educational cleansing program including the 5-element panel will give you accurate information and a custom program including nutritional suggestions. The hormone test is performed following the circadian rhythm of your body over a 24-hour period. The Cortisol Test includes testing for correspondence, acupuncture, meridian, organs, glance and emotions. The other tests include: DHEAProgesterone Estrodile Free Testosterone Gliaden (gluten intolerant, CANDIDA, gluttenizing hormone, follicle stimulating hormone, food intolerant panel) Your results will include the following:

  • Complete instructions to help you understand your own test level results
  • Complimentary custom educational, nutritional, homeopathic program

Grow younger and healthier as you go thru life. Detoxification is necessary to keep your organs healthy and keep your biological age low. Your hormone level is not related to your age but rather to how healthy you are. Come release stress and heal your adrenal gland. Your overall health is the result of your mind and your perception. The only truly natural hormones are those produced by our bodies.