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The Benefits of Grounding

We are Electric.  Our heart is electrical.  When we are around cell phones, wifi, smart meters/towers throws 

electricity off in our system.  Diabetes/heart disease are  caused by these fields plus many illnesses. 

For nearly 18 years, Earthling research and feedback from individuals worldwide who have grounded themselves routinely often 

while sleeping at night, demonstrate a multitude of benefits.  Here is a short list of them:
Reduces Inflammation

Reduction of chronic pain

Deeper sleep

Increased Energy

Lowered Stress

Improved Circulation

Headache Relief

Lessened hormonal and menstrual symptoms

Normalization of the body’s biological rhythms

Watch this compelling interview with a top cardiologist Dr. Stephan Sinatra with Dr Mercola.

This may change your health; your life.


What is Grounding?
To be grounded is to be in direct contact with the earth’s energetic frequency. Anytime we are barefoot on dirt or grass our bodies obtain this connection naturally. This is an essential connection for good health and overall well being. Throughout history, our ancestors maintained this connection at all times, by walking barefoot and sleeping on the Earth. With the invention of rubber-soled shoes and synthetic flooring our modern society has lost this connection, causing chronic pain and inflammation.
Grounding benefits the human body dramatically by improving blood viscosity and circulation, reducing inflammation, providing an unlimited supply of free radical fighting antioxidants. It also helps reduce chronic pain, decrease stress levels and muscle tensions, and improve biological rhythms – including the circadian rhythm. 
How does it work?
Despite appearances, our technology is very simple. We have taken various conductive material (e.g. conductive carbon) and are connecting them to the modern building’s existing grounded outlet. Connecting your body to our products mimics the very same connection we receive naturally when we are barefoot outdoors, without having to change your routine, get dirty, or brave unfavorable weather. 
Ground Therapy serves to provide the grounded connection to indoor spaces so that modern society can receive the health benefits of grounding comfortably and conveniently.